Thyroid Treatment in Rowlett, Rockwall and Garland TX

When it comes to thyroid problems, you probably didn’t realize that an ENT specialist would be the doctor you would turn to; however, certain issues impact the health and function of the thyroid that are often treated by our ENT doctor, Dr. Metts. If you are dealing with thyroid nodules, an ear, nose, and throat expert is exactly who you’ll want to turn to for treatment.

What is a thyroid nodule?

The thyroid is a gland at the base of the neck that excretes certain hormones that control everything from metabolic rate to heart and muscle function. The thyroid plays a critical role in growth and development in humans. Nodules are usually noncancerous growths that develop on the thyroid. Some people only develop a single nodule while others might deal with multiple nodules.

How do I know that I have a thyroid nodule?

Sometimes people can have nodules on their thyroid and never even know; however, nodules can grow so large that they can cause a goiter, which can also trigger hyperthyroidism (or overactivity of the thyroid gland). If the nodule or nodules are large enough you may notice a visible lump in the neck, trouble swallowing, and discomfort and pressure around the neck.

How are thyroid nodules treated?

Most nodules don’t need to be removed, but it’s always a good idea to turn to our ENT team for an evaluation, especially if you notice changes in the shape or appearance of your neck or you’re dealing with pain or difficulty swallowing (as these could also be caused by other underlying health problems). If you are dealing with symptoms or the nodules are large, we may recommend surgery to remove them. When you come in for an evaluation, we will perform an ultrasound to diagnose and look at the size of the nodules. Blood tests can also help us check the function of the thyroid. If cancer is suspected, we may biopsy a small amount of tissue from the nodule for further testing.

If you suspect that you might be dealing with thyroid nodules, Dr. Metts and his ENT team at North Texas Ear Nose & Throat in Rowlett, TX, can provide you with the treatment you need. We are also serving Rockwall and Garland, TX. To schedule an evaluation with us, simply call (972) 475-9151 today.

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